Turn Table

Stainless Steel scrambler &unscramble which is familiar as a Turn Table.
Turntable is used to ensure total synchronization uniform flow of container and to take a turn 90deg to Suit different machine and purpose in auto liquid line.

Product feature:

  • M.s. Cabinet Body with S.S.304 Covering.
  • Round Plate - 915mm dia.
  • Motor - 0.25HP.
  • Frequency Drive for variable speed.
  • Dimension -930x930x950mm.
  • Suitable Different container - 30mmdia to88mmdia.
  • Height Adjustable - 800 to850mm.
  • Total Weigh t - 120kg approx.


Drugs & Pharmaceuticals industry

Cosmetics industry

Chemical industry

Food & Beverages industry

Food processing industry